Are you looking for that dream job in radio broadcasting, well you are not alone and the competition is very tough indeed. In fact it is so tough and such an insiders game that it often pays to drop names into your resume. Also time at a station is important and also it makes sense to also list the stats for that station if they were significant or the amount of listener-ship growth during your tenure there. If you are seeking a job as a talk show host then you need to also consider that a degree in psychology might also be relevant. 사설토토

In the entertainment business it is often seen that people are black listed due to personality flaws or the ego, which sets in due to the nature of the industry. Radio General Managers need to know that you are a team player. Hopping around from station to station and city to city too often can cause one to believe that you are indeed problematic and perhaps not a team player.

When designing a resume for a radio-broadcasting job, you should submit a tape of yourself on the air live along with your resume and also list the reasons for leaving each location or radio station for the next. Otherwise red flags pop-up and that can make your resume and application hit the round file faster than your head can spin. Remember this is a competitive industry indeed. Consider all this in 2006.